Choosing the Best Photo

Ideally your photo should be clear, not blurry, and preferably with nothing cropped from the body or head, or obscuring the face if possible. That said, these things can often be worked around as long as they are not too prominent. For best results the photos should be taken with a 3MP digital camera, or be a photo scanned at 300dpi (dots per inch). Please do not resize or compress it: the bigger the image the better. Save your photo as a JPEG at the lowest compression rate, ie “best” quality. The file size should be at least 200kbs, although 1MB or larger is even better.

You can either send an existing favourite snapshot, or if you have a particular design in mind you could try getting your subject to pose in a particular way (eg, seated, pointing, standing, etc), or even dress in a certain outfit to reflect the design. The finished image will be influenced by the pose, clothing, and style of the photo you send.

How is the image created?

To begin with, where necessary any minor defects in your original photo such as red- eye removal are corrected, enhancing the image as much as possible. The background is then digitally cropped away from your photo. This is done slowly and carefully by hand to give a natural end result. You r image is then introduced into your chosen theme. Each image is made up of a large numb er of digital layers – sometimes up to around 50 or 60 elements make up each design. Each portrait is created individually, ensuring that the composition and lighting is carefully and sympathetically adjusted to suit both your photo an d the position of the person in relation to their surroundings. For this reason, your finished portrait may be slightly different to the samples shown on the website. A lot of time and care is taken to create an image that looks natural and which is tot ally bespoke for you.

The quality of the sample images shown are low resolution so that they can be easily viewed on the website. The designs shown are for illustration purposes, and your finished image may differ slightly depending on the composition and position of the subject in your original photograph. If the person in the original photo has “red eye” this is not a problem and it can be corrected during the design process. Your print will be on very high quality 240gsm A4 glossy photographic paper. It will have a 1cm (approx) border around the edge to enable it to be framed without losing any of the design. All designs are based around A4 dimensions, less a 1cm border.

The Cottingley Fairy Store – A bit about us

We are an online gift shop selling fairy and angel related products at  and are based in the village of Cottingley, famous worldwide for the fairy photographs taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths

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